Love Your Theme

This task was the most frustrating. I have discovered that I am in fact a “Blogfectionist”. I’ve probably tried every theme possible; it got to the point where I wasn’t sure of which themes I had already tried. In the end I stuck with the theme I was currently customizing. Don’t be surprised if it changes again next week.

I’m learning to love my theme and I’m giving it time to grow on me.


9 thoughts on “Love Your Theme

  1. Uam, being a ‘blogfectionist’… Isn’t that every a problem native to every blogger? Haha. I have changed my blog theme around 7 times now and Ive only been on wordpress a little over a month. I think your current theme is lovely as It doesn’t overshadow posts, its pretty easy to navigate also your customised header compliments the theme brilliantly 🙂


    • At least I’m not alone, I was starting to think I had a problem. lol. Thank you, I wasn’t sure what colour choices to go with, but you can’t go wrong with black and white!


    • Aww thanks. I find that taking breaks helps to refresh my ideas. I’ve realised that there is no need to rush things, when the time is right it will come to me.


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