Be Kind, It Doesn’t Cost A Thing!

When you reach out to someone and they are thankful, it is one of the best feelings! You can’t expect people to always be kind towards you; sometimes it may seem like receiving a simple “Hello” or “Thank you” is like getting blood out of a stone.

I encounter all kinds of people on a daily basis; some will make a conscious effort to be kind or show their appreciation, then there are those who barely acknowledge my existence.

I always consider the fact that people have their own problems to deal with and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not grateful. I once had a lady approach me to apologize for being in a bad mood the previous day; she thought she may have come across as rude. I assumed she had a lot on her plate, I didn’t take it to heart and I said it was okay. The fact she came back to apologize says a lot!


I am not excusing those who are flat out rude! Yesterday me and a few others went out of our way to help a man and he didn’t say thank you to either of us. Apparently this is always the case with him, I will never forget him and it’s for all the wrong reasons! I wouldn’t want people to remember me for my misdemeanors. In the end he didn’t even get what he wanted and I’m sure you can guess the reason why.

I always make sure I say “Please” and “Thank you” first and foremost. There are times I may not feel like myself, a passer by will say “Good morning” and that alone helps to lift my mood. I’m sure you can think of a time when this has happened to you!


I’m not saying you should go out of your way to be kind to random people at every given opportunity. Do it from the goodness of your heart!  It shouldn’t feel like a chore! Acts of kindness shouldn’t be for your own good or seen as a chance to seek praise. Show your appreciation whenever you can and let people know that you are grateful.

Initiating acts of kindness can be rewarding. When the receiver shows their appreciation that is a bonus! Kindness doesn’t cost a thing! It could make someone’s day!

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”

Bob Kerrey (1943) American Politician

12 thoughts on “Be Kind, It Doesn’t Cost A Thing!

  1. If I think I have been rude or said something not nice. I will try to make a conscious effort to go back and apologize. It is always better to try and leave someone with a good feeling than a bad one.


  2. Almost every piece of writing I’ve read on battling through depression includes a section on how doing nice things for other people is an effective tactic. You really do get back what you give. Now if I can only remember this more often. *ahem*


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