Saved By The Bell- Rewind!

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to reminisce about my dear childhood friends; Screech, Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Slater and Jessie. Although I didn’t know them personally; they played a huge part of my childhood, via my TV of course!


I have probably seen every single episode of Saved By The Bell (The Early Years). These were the days when I would be sat in front of the TV tuned into Nickelodeon!

Absolute bliss!




8 thoughts on “Saved By The Bell- Rewind!

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  2. Its funny you blog about this. My cousin just showed me a pic of the black girl earlier today….she seems to have had a lot of surgery on her face or something has drastically changed it…i didnt read the article. But google it…you’ll be shocked.

    Anyway I loved this show….i loved anything on nickelodeon and you have given me inspiration for a blog lol.

    Oh i have literally just remembered i need to reply to the lieber award post….i will defo do that this week xo


    • What a coincidence! I saw a picture of her years ago and thought that happened with age at first, then I looked closely. I don’t really understand, but each to their own! I logged onto Twitter today and someone had randomly uploaded an old picture of her with the caption “She was so pretty”.

      haha. I look forward to reading your blog post! There’s no rush with the Liebster award post, I know it is pretty time consuming!


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