You Can’t Run Away From Your Problems!

They say you can’t run away from your problems and it is so true! No matter where you go your problems will always follow you. We cannot operate our thoughts with an on/off switch or select which day we’d prefer a thought to run through our minds.

Turn Me On Pls

I’ve had my own little escapism plans, where no unwanted thoughts could enter. I would find little things to distract me and I would often get pleasure out of doing things I wouldn’t usually enjoy doing. Then came the ” Back to reality” wake up call…Sooner or later I was back where I started!


I have contemplated the places I’d rather be in a hope my problems would disappear. I thought that if I got on a train and travelled to XYZ, my problems would be left behind. I believed this was the solution and everything would be peachy from then onwards.

Boy was I wrong! My problems wouldn’t be left behind on the train, my problems would get off the train with me! In my head it seemed like the easy way out! As we all know; the things we believe are easy sometimes turn out to be not so easy!

Subway Station in Munich

My bed is the main place I visit when I want to run away from my thoughts. A few hours of rest with no interruptions from the voice in my head- what more could I ask for? At times it works wonders, I wake up feeling refreshed, motivated and as if I could take on the world! But when your problems start to haunt you in your sleep, you know it’s time to get your shit together!

It’s time to address the situation and talk things through with yourself!  I’m often called crazy for talking to myself, but my response is ” I’m comfortable with myself”. If this makes me crazy, then so be it!

Sometimes it needs to be done, do what you have to do! If you can’t help yourself then who will? It all starts with addressing the problem and curbing your thoughts as you work towards finding the solution.


You can’t run away from your problems…

14 thoughts on “You Can’t Run Away From Your Problems!

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  3. You take yourself where ever you go and that includes your problems. It can be painful, but it is better to face them than run. You can grow so much as a person and gain so much strength by doing that.


    • That’s very true. It just seems easier to run at times. Its kinda like when you have a fear of something, instead of facing your fear, you may try to avoid it instead.

      Thanks for reading!


  4. This is actually one of my mum’s favourite pearls of wisdom, that I “can’t run away from my problems”! Sleeping is one of my favourite ways of dealing with problems, it’s so nice to not think for a while, even though it seems like a second from the time we close our eyes to the time we wake up. I also like talking things through with a close friend — sometimes another perspective is what we need to keep things under control 🙂

    P.S. Congratulations on finishing Blogging U 😀 I love how constant you are with blogging 🙂


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