What’s Your Purpose?

Writing 101, Day 1: Unlock the mind 

I do not believe for a second that I was put on this earth to live without a purpose, I am not here to sit and look pretty! I was a little bundle of joy my parents decided to bring into the world, they wanted me to grab hold of every opportunity that came my way and live a fabulous life. I have been molded into the person I am today due to my upbringing and along the way I have been searching for my purpose.

I’m not certain if I will find it tomorrow or even next week. I can’t guarantee that I will find my purpose, all I know is that I am determined to search for it.  I used to believe that having a good job would lead to finding my purpose. For some strange reason I’ve always despised being asked the question ‘What do you do?’ What does this even mean? I breathe, eat and sleep just like you! I used to avoid this question at all costs! Instead I would share my plans to start my own ice cream van business or my plans to become a pirate.

I’ve realised that my job doesn’t define me, if you want to put me into category based on my job title, then so be it! I may be in this job today, but who knows where I will be tomorrow. I honestly do not want to end up being that person that constantly takes work home after work and forgets to live life.


On my journeys to work I have seen people that are all suited and booted, and they look so miserable! At first glance I admittedly assume some of them have fairly well paid jobs. Then there’s the happy go lucky people who may not have best jobs, but they have the biggest smiles on their faces! Who knows they may be happy with their jobs! They may even have a passion they are yet to pursue and it is keeping them going. Just remember your current situation is only as permanent as the thoughts you allow to stream through your mind.

Many of us work because we have to; the purpose of working is to pay bills and so on. This doesn’t necessarily define your purpose on earth. Paying bills is something we all have to do. Over the years I’ve asked others if they enjoy their jobs and only a handful have said yes. Of course there are the lucky ones that are passionate about their jobs and work doesn’t seem like work for them. Are you one of those people?

If not, you can always look a little deeper, so many of us have hobbies which we are so passionate about and we have the ability to do so much with them. So what if your current situation doesn’t reflect your purpose? I am going to try my hardest to gain insight into more of my interests and hopefully my purpose will become a lot clearer. Right now I feel like I am on the right track!

Is it possible to lead a happy life without a purpose? Do you feel as though you have found your purpose? I believe that once you find your passion it will lead to your purpose.

11 thoughts on “What’s Your Purpose?

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  2. I am creating a portfolio of work, so the question “what do you do?” could come up with a different response every day! I am spoiling myself, and trying to “do” what I enjoy. And yes, I love my job!


    • I love it! 🙂 That’s the way it should be! Why spend so much time doing the things you don’t enjoy?

      Thanks for reading and good luck with your portfolio!


  3. I love this post. When people used to ask me what do you do? I’d say I have fun. They’d say yeah but what do You do! I didn’t tell them I had three jobs and was at Uni, that wouldn’t be as much fun! As for finding your purpose, I think some of us have many. One of yours is definitely here. Thank you for a wonderful, well thought out post. 🙂


    • Aww thank you! For the first time in a while, I feel right at home 🙂

      It’s so true! A generic response is so boring compared to an out of the ordinary response. I love hearing about people’s hobbies/ interests and that’s how you find out the kind of person they really are.


  4. Haha your little vent on the “What do you do” question made me laugh 😀 Like you, I hope that I will be one of those people who does what they are passionate about for a living 🙂 It is possible to live a happy life without a purpose but I feel one would get bored quickly or feel their life is a bit “meaningless” after a while… I think having a purpose/goal helps to make decisions in life and helps to guide people into doing meaningful work for them and others. Your philosophical posts are always an insightful read 🙂 Hope you have a great day!!


    • Lol the funny thing is people can’t always tell if I’m being serious or not. I totally get what you mean! There were days where I would think ‘ Is this it?” and from there I realised something vital was missing. Goals are a must have for everyone!

      Oh wow, philosophical and insightful! Thanks so much for giving me more food for thought.

      I hope you have a great day too 🙂


  5. Aye, pirate! Great post! I was actually thinking about this last week: does what you do define who you are? I hate that question too, because what I do is a means to an end (err, to pay the bills) and what I want to do is so different. The past couple of months I have been forced to work less (while still being payed, hurray) so I spent more time doing what I would do all day in my ideal life and guess what: I was happier! I guess our purpose is to find the things that make you happy and make the time to do them. Yes, the lucky ones eventually pay the bills with it, but in the meantime I am choosing to no longer bitch about my work. No need to focus my energy on changing the old, I’d rather be building the new! Thanks for inspiring yet again 😉 x


    • Haha cool intro! Great minds think alike! I’m on the same page as you… I appreciate my job, however I have other interests.

      I guess it worked in your favour then! I used to wonder how people were able to dabble in so many things with so little time, forgetting that I had to make time for the things that make me happy- like you said.

      What a lovely ending! Thanks for your input Merel 🙂


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