7 Tips For Living The Single Life

I’m in one of those long distance relationships where my boyfriend lives in the future. Right now he may be thinking about what he is having for dinner or whether or not he should go to the gym…Whilst I’m here writing about how much I don’t know about him, since I don’t know who he is yet! Are you in the same boat as me? Don’t stress!

1. Good things comes to those who wait
To an extent, if you are sitting at home waiting for the postman to deliver your new spouse, you may be left disappointed. If only it were that easy! Get out and mingle with people or use the internet if need be, you can meet people practically anywhere. As long as you are in the game, who knows who may come your way!

2. Spend time getting to know you
Me time is essential! Its okay to enjoy your own company and you may even find it useful when you get into a relationship. When you and your partner spend time apart at least you won’t be a lost chicken wondering what to do with yourself.

3.  The time isn’t right
Before you start running through all the imaginary faults you have, stop right there…thank you very much! There is nothing wrong with you, there is someone for everyone and your time will come!

4. Don’t be too picky
It’s okay to have a preference, but there is a thin line between being picky and having a preference. If you wait around for the perfect guy/girl who ticks every single box, your grandkids will probably be in a relationship before you (Ok…you get my point!).

5.  You never meet anyone
Really? Please tell me more…Let’s be honest, you do encounter people that are attracted to you. Some show interest and then they end up in the friendzone. One day you might look back and wonder how such a nice girl/guy ended up in the friendzone. You put them there! Were you waiting for some other lucky bugger to scoop them up? Make sure you don’t make the same mistake again! Remember the guy/girl that said hello to you a few days ago, you walked right past them and you didn’t even give them the time of day! Think very hard before you claim you never meet anyone!

6. Smile!
You never know who’s watching! If you look across the room and see someone frowning would you really want to approach them? Have you ever heard someone say “It was their frown that attracted me to them”… No! NO! No! Smiles are so inviting and we automatically feel the need to go over and talk to the person. It’s only right we practice our smiling exercises daily and smile more!

7. Have fun!
Always remember to enjoy the present moment  🙂



*Disclaimer* These tips are based on my own opinions and experiences.

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