Surprise Surprise! (Simply Cook)

To my surprise this box was waiting for me on my dining table when I arrived home. I am such an eager beaver when I receive packages, I feel like it’s my birthday whilst opening them as I try to contain my excitement. I know you’re probably thinking “What’s the big deal? You just ordered fast food!” Bare with me I will explain!

This isn’t just any box!


I came across Simply Cook boxes on Twitter; I logged onto their website to read about the company, how it works and then I placed my order. Simply Cook boxes contain 4 recipe cards and 4 pots of ingredients for each recipe. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions, add the fresh foods and voilà dinner is ready!

Take a peak inside the mysterious Simply Cook box!



The recipe cards include a detachable shopping list, so you can simply tear them off and shop for the remaining ingredients. The recipes are great for those who want a quick fix; the meals are ready in no more than 20 minutes and serve 1-3 people. Simply Cook boxes are £10 each plus P&P, however my first box was 99p once I used the promotional code provided.

In my household we pretty much have the same meals rotated every other week. I enjoy the food we eat, but we have all agreed that we need to try new dishes. I’m not a fan of pacing up and down supermarkets for hours looking for specific ingredients, so this is ideal!

Look how cute these little pots are!



Overall the Simply Cook box concept is very inventive and I am looking forward to trying the dishes. There is a use by date printed on each pot, so I can take my time experimenting. I have my eye on the Cajun Chicken recipe and it may end up being my birthday meal!

Check out their website


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