I Can’t Get Rid Of Them!

Daily Prompt

I still own every single birthday card I’ve received since the age of 1. I read through a bunch I received as a child when I was having a big clear out last year (I clearly didn’t let go of the cards though). I feel like birthday cards hold so many memories…or maybe it’s the hoarder in me typing right now!

I can remember a handful of birthdays and everything from what I did to who I spent my birthday with. Who knows I may never throw them away! I found a bag full of my birthday cards from my 21st birthday, it was a great birthday and I wish I was 21 again!




16 thoughts on “I Can’t Get Rid Of Them!

  1. It’s okay to keep old birthday cards. That’s not hoarding, those are signs of love. I like the ideas above – put them into 3-ring binders or something.

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    • That’s true 🙂 I keep most of them in a trunk. I’m thinking about putting them in photo albums. It wouldn’t feel right throwing them away, especially the ones with heart filled messages.


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