My Boat Party Experience

I’m happy to say I can cross a mission off my Bucket List!

I imagined my boat party experience to be out of this world and nothing like I have ever experienced before. I mentioned the boat party a few months back and the reactions I received lead me to believe it would be exciting.

I arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning; I would love to say this is due to having so much fun. I was really looking forward to my Saturday evening, however it didn’t live up to my expectations.

I was psyched about spending quality time with my old school friends. However due to unforeseen circumstances, two of my friends were unable to make it and the first part of the evening was spent pining for our dear friends arrival.

If I had been given a heads up I would have carried a book, a game or even a pair of moon boots! I didn’t expect to be clock watching and deprived of food for 5 hours. Thank you to Lolly the bar attender for sneaking us two small packets of biscuits to keep us going. They surprisingly gave us a little life and this was sadly the highlight of the evening!

In a nutshell, I felt like I had been kidnapped by pirates! My best friend and I were the first people off the boat and we ran off whilst screaming ‘Freedom’ at the top of our lungs. The good news is I will be going to another boat party later on in the year! I have a feeling this one will be 100 times better!


~These are a few snaps taken using an ordinary camera phone.


2 thoughts on “My Boat Party Experience

  1. Naw sorry to hear that your first boat party wasn’t as fun you expected! I’ve been to a few, back in my earlier uni days where I actually enjoyed going to parties haha. The experience is much better when you go with a few people you know, so that’s sad how two of your friends couldn’t come 😦 Boat parties are fun for the stunning night-time views of your city, but other than that, it’s like a normal party lol. Hope you enjoy your experience next time!! Bring a group of friends and drink a bit (everything is more fun with a little alcohol hehe)… but be responsible 😉

    🙂 Michelle

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    • haha yes,the only part I found abnormal was not being able to walk out the party. If it had been on land I would have wandered into another party instead.

      I’ve never really been a party person, but I know what you mean. Parties seemed so exciting at the beginning of uni (not that I attended many in my time) lol.

      Next time there will be 10 of us and we will be abroad so fingers crossed.Thanks Michelle 🙂


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