You Love Yourself Too Much! 

I’ve witnessed people posting sneaky selfies every so often and one of their followers will say “You love yourself too much” or “You’re so vain”. Some people take it light heartily where as others seem to be a fair bit annoyed by it.

Is it possible to love yourself too much? Have you been accused of loving yourself too much? If I never upload selfies or pictures of myself, does this mean I love myself too little? It’s so silly! Even typing it is making me feel some kinda way. Why isn’t there an in between? What if I love myself enough?

Some days I do not feel like taking photos let alone sharing them with anyone. Posting a picture shouldn’t be interpreted as anything more than wanting to share a photo. If you want to capture your awesomeness on camera and upload photos everyday, then go ahead!

On a lighter note I took some selfies this evening which I rarely do. 
You may have noticed that my hair looks a tad bit crazy in a few photos, hehe.

Cheese 😀

15 thoughts on “You Love Yourself Too Much! 

  1. I love your selfies! And I love your posts. I don’t think you can love yourself too much. I don’t want to get a religious debate going, but we are all, despite our religious beliefs, a small piece of something magnificent. You SHOULD love yourself. And IMHO, I don’t think that selfies are a sign that you love yourself too much. The people who have to take several pictures of themselves, on the same day/night, blowing kisses to the camera, suffer from a low self esteem, or are missing something in their life. It’s like they have to prove to everyone on Facebook that they are out having a good time, living the high life, and loving it. In reality, I believe they are dying on the inside. There’s a HUGE difference from the professional selfies, the one a day selfie, the repeatd offender selfie, and the just for fun selfie. In fact, now that you’ve got me thinking about it, maybe I’ll do a blog about selfies. You’re beautiful! You write beautifuly, AND you’ve got a great attitude. You should love yourself, and be proud of who you are. We all are, if that counts for anything. 🙂

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  2. Normally (before my postpartum issues) I love myself “too much” and didn’t care lol, vain n proud hahaha I’m not hurting anybody and NIR are you jheeeze, and if people don’t like it they don’t HAVE to look quite simple! Loool x

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