6 Reasons To Appreciate Your Job 

1. The people you meet

I’ve met some truly awesome people at work who have become friends outside work. There are days that may not be considered as good days and it’s the people I work with that make my day. You may not make any friends, however you may benefit from learning how to adapt to working with all kinds of people.

2. The experience/skills you gain

It looks better to have a job then to have a huge gap on your CV/resume. Believe it or not future employers do sympathize and understand the difficulties people go through to find a job. Your skills are transferable in one way or another.

3. The income

We live in a world where everything has a price, so do what you have to do! Your job title is irrelevant; it’s what you do when you’re there. Be proud of how far you’ve come. You see that pay check you just received? You earned it! Go you!

4. The connections 

Ok not every job you’re in will have worthwhile connections. Stay in touch with those you get along with. I’m not suggesting you force contact with everyone; Let it come naturally, check up on people every once in a while. Stay on good terms and never close doors unnecessarily. You never know what the future may bring; they do say it’s who you know that puts you at an advantage.

5. You were offered the job for a reason

Your employer likes you? Great! I’m sure they didn’t hire you for that reason alone, I can guarantee they expect you to put the work in. If this wasn’t the case they would be better off hiring someone they dislike, but does the job well. At least they would be getting their money’s worth.

I had to remind someone of this the other day. This person seemed to think that due to his employer liking them, they were sure to hold onto their job. I pointed out that their recent actions were giving their employer reasons to think otherwise.

You are being paid to do your job, at least do it well!  You could be the best computer programmer in town, but don’t think for a second that the best programmer in the next town won’t snap up your job. Don’t be the one that gets replaced. Always keep on top of your game!

6. You chose to be there

Your employer offered you the job; however you took the first step and applied for the job, you sold yourself, they offered you the job and you accepted. You didn’t have to say yes, but guess what? You did! At one point in time this was what you wanted and you got it. It is your choice to remain there. If over time things have changed rethink/reevaluate your goals and start over.

5 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Appreciate Your Job 

    • I wanted to add that from someone who lost sight of many things with my last job and profession that the advice you are giving could really help someone keep a job they think they hate if they just rethink it and look at what seems like a bad situation into a good one. There are terrible jobs out there and it is a good thing to move on if you are not a good fit. Do not allow your pride and desire to “just” have a job to keep you from moving on if you can. It can be more damaging to stay in that situation than quitting on good terms. I am unemployed now because I made several mistakes in handling my last job and am in a situation with my age and a physical problem that will most likely keep me from ever getting another job. So anyone reading this and having issues with work keep what she has said in mind.

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      • You are so right! It’s sad but true. There are many people who dislike their jobs and it can be difficult to find the good in the bad days, however the little good can help change their situation into a good one entirely.

        I like the part where you said “Do not allow your pride and desire to just have a job to keep you from moving on”. Change is a good thing especially if it’s helping with your personal growth.

        Sorry for your current predicament, I hope you are able to get your foot back in the door ASAP, don’t give up.

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