Reality Has Kicked In!

It feels like it was only yesterday I had it all planned out. I said I would eat well and exercise just in time for my holiday and beyond. Today I asked my colleague the date and he said “It’s the 1st of July”. I let it sink in for a couple of seconds and I started freaking out on the inside. How is it July already? I opened my countdown app to find this …
I have 89 days to trim down, so I’m short of 3 months. I’m ready to let go of my kangaroo pouch. All my friends and family tell me I look fine. If only they knew…I’ve spent years practicing holding in my stomach, I am a pro! I want to look good and most importantly feel fabolous!

I’m not going to pretend to become a health fanatic overnight. I’ve done my research, I have pictures to inspire me on the wall. I’ve attempted living healthily in the past, then slowly slipped back into my old ways. I have no specific goals as yet, I really don’t want to stress over every little pound. If I weigh the same and my fat turns into muscle, then I have no qualms! My tummy is my main focus, however my body overall needs to be toned.

I’ve started by requesting healthier foods in my household. I’ve curbed my eating and I’ve managed to say no to most junk food. I’ve walked into my local shop over the last few days and walked right past all the goodies that were trying to get my attention. My sweet tooth has been a major issue in the past.

*I think I should stick these all over my fridge and kitchen cabinets

It’s hard to resist food that tastes good, but I know it will help me in more ways than one. I’m looking forward to seeing the results and feeling great.

Now where’s my Jilian Michael’s 30 day shred DVD….

Happy 1st of July, Lets make this month count!

3 thoughts on “Reality Has Kicked In!

  1. Good luck with getting your body toned and healthy!! My stomach is also an area of concern for me, haha, need to get rid of that “kangaroo pouch” as you said. Where are you going/what are you counting down to? You probably mentioned it in a past blog post, I shall have to look it up 🙂

    Let’s motivate each other, shall we? 🙂 You’re making a great start by sharing easy and healthy recipes (like that aubergine and tomato one).

    x Michelle

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    • Thank you! It will be worth I need to stick more pictures of my wall to mind me of what I’m aiming for.

      I’m going to Ibiza, which is out of comfort zone to be honest. However it is my first time away with the girls, so I have to go!

      That’s a brilliant idea. I will look out for your posts (if you are planning to upload any) and I shall continue to share my journey 🙂

      P.s there is a tub of ice cream in the freezer staring at me! HELPPP lol


      • Resist the urge of the ice cream tub haha. Ibiza sounds fun, I’ve always wanted to go on a “tropical island getaway” 🙂 Sharing our health/fitness will be a great idea for blog posts too — another incentive to be healthy haha!


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