Don’t Take It Personally

I’m alone
I’m in my zone
You can still contact me via the web or phone
My thoughts are occupying me
I’m trying to bring out the best in me
At times I feel like God is testing me
I’m never off the radar for too long
I’m not ignoring anyone so please don’t get me wrong
Bear with me until I see the light
I’ll make an appearance when the time is right
Don’t take it personally

There are days I like to be alone with my thoughts. I find there is always that one person that tends to take it personally…


16 thoughts on “Don’t Take It Personally

  1. Yes, people tend to take things so personally, especially when you’re in a moment of deep self reflection. Don’t let it be a distraction though. All of us have to live and learn and reach our own point of being honest with ourselves. Great poem!

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  2. Those who do not understand your silence will never understand your words – author unknown. I’ve been dealing with this over the last couple of weeks as well, needing some alone time and having friends on the other side screaming for attention – mostly out of a fear of losing me as a friend. Been trying to explain one has nothing to do with the other, but it falls on deaf ears every time… Please don’t stop taking time for yourself though! Most important thing you can do… Good luck! X

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    • Thanks for reminding me of that quote. It is a quote that sums it all up! I experienced something similar.. some people get it and others don’t. I’m tired of repeating myself *sigh*

      Good luck to you too Merel!


  3. Yeeeees I hate when people take it personally. I think because I’m so open and public about things it’s shocking when I want a break to recharge lol. Xx

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  4. Generally people that take it personally are not sensitive to those who are on their own personal journeys….sorry to be mean about it but ignore them. Take your time. Wallow in your own authority until you feel like opening yourself up to anything but your own divinity.

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    • I’ve started to realise who is for me and who isn’t. I have managed to block these people out and continue with what I have to do. I love ‘wallow in your own authority’ I may start to using it 😛


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