5 Random Facts About Me

1. When I’m in the middle of conversations I tend to walk backwards as I glide to my next destination whilst finishing the conversation. I am no Michael Jackson though!

2. At times I talk extremely fast without realising.

3. The Hotel Inspector and Masterchef are my current favourite TV shows.

4. I can multitask except for when I’m eating my dinner, it takes me up to an hour to finish my plate of food.

5. I’ve never considered myself to be a physical fighter; however I’m convinced I’ve had fights in my sleep.

What are some random facts about you? Let me know! 🙂
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You Love Yourself Too Much! 

I’ve witnessed people posting sneaky selfies every so often and one of their followers will say “You love yourself too much” or “You’re so vain”. Some people take it light heartily where as others seem to be a fair bit annoyed by it.

Is it possible to love yourself too much? Have you been accused of loving yourself too much? If I never upload selfies or pictures of myself, does this mean I love myself too little? It’s so silly! Even typing it is making me feel some kinda way. Why isn’t there an in between? What if I love myself enough?

Some days I do not feel like taking photos let alone sharing them with anyone. Posting a picture shouldn’t be interpreted as anything more than wanting to share a photo. If you want to capture your awesomeness on camera and upload photos everyday, then go ahead!

On a lighter note I took some selfies this evening which I rarely do. 
You may have noticed that my hair looks a tad bit crazy in a few photos, hehe.

Cheese 😀

I’m In Competition With No One!

I once had this so called friend that had trouble offering encouragement or guidance. Instead he would take great pleasure in trying to make me feel like absolute crap. He would start off a conversation and for the first few seconds I was lead to believe he was interested in me. Within no time I realised he only wanted to talk about himself and all the things he had done.

He would talk the talk, but he wasn’t necessarily walking the walk. It was always “Hi, what are you doing with your life?” then the rest of the conversation revolved around him in one way or another. There was never any real interest in how I was as person. If I said I had walked 5 miles that day, he would say he had walked 10 miles and so on.

He would tell me I was being too picky for going for what I wanted in life and make out my goals were impossible to reach. Then in the same breath he was striving for the same and struggling to get where he wanted to be. “Isn’t it too late for you?” He once asked me. I laughed to myself, why would it be too late? I’m still living and breathing so how is it too late? Is there a time limit I’m unaware of?


The funny thing is he was in a similar predicament to me! Although he would never admit it, since he tried to glamorize his life each time he told one of his tales. I can understand him wanting the grass to look greener on his side and this being his way of dealing with his situation. However there is no need to put others down!

One day it hit me…Why am I entertaining him? Why am I  justifying myself? It’s my life! He clearly got kicks out of trying to put me down or he was seeking a confidence boost, but trying to compete with me will not help the issues under the surface. If this is the kind antics you carry on with, then you my friend are not my friend!

There is no competition, there is no finish line and you have not won! There was never a race; the only race anyone should have to put before them is the race against time. You may have exceeded your goals and people’s expectations, but please take a minute to come back down to earth.

I am taking a leaf out of my own book and resorting back to keeping my personal life goals-personal. If I’m winning then its’ because I’m competing against myself, if I’m ever losing then it’s up to me to decide this and continue to strive for what I want.

My Boat Party Experience

I’m happy to say I can cross a mission off my Bucket List!

I imagined my boat party experience to be out of this world and nothing like I have ever experienced before. I mentioned the boat party a few months back and the reactions I received lead me to believe it would be exciting.

I arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning; I would love to say this is due to having so much fun. I was really looking forward to my Saturday evening, however it didn’t live up to my expectations.

I was psyched about spending quality time with my old school friends. However due to unforeseen circumstances, two of my friends were unable to make it and the first part of the evening was spent pining for our dear friends arrival.

If I had been given a heads up I would have carried a book, a game or even a pair of moon boots! I didn’t expect to be clock watching and deprived of food for 5 hours. Thank you to Lolly the bar attender for sneaking us two small packets of biscuits to keep us going. They surprisingly gave us a little life and this was sadly the highlight of the evening!

In a nutshell, I felt like I had been kidnapped by pirates! My best friend and I were the first people off the boat and we ran off whilst screaming ‘Freedom’ at the top of our lungs. The good news is I will be going to another boat party later on in the year! I have a feeling this one will be 100 times better!


~These are a few snaps taken using an ordinary camera phone.

Ready Steady Simply Cook!

Remember I mentioned the Simply Cook box I received in the post last week? Well I tried out one of the recipes for my birthday dinner yesterday. I’m going to run through my cooking experience and also review the box overall.

If you would like to refresh your memory or read about my first impressions of the Simply Cook then click here. For further details and to place your orders log onto Simplycook.com

Let’s get started!

The chef for the evening:
Yours truly!

What’s on the menu?

The box for the recipe included:

  • Cajun seasoning
  • Red Pepper Paste
  • Garlic Oil

The additional ingredients were:

  • Chicken breasts
  • Sweet potato
  • Bacon rashers
  • Baby courgettes
  • Feta cheese

Additional information (the ingredients I added/replaced):

  • The chicken breasts were replaced with 3 chicken drumsticks
  • The bacon rashers were replaced with turkey slices. I was unable to find turkey rashers at my local supermarket.
  • Fresh coriander and fresh thyme were added to the marinade
  • Green beans and plantain accompanied the dish as sides
  • A gravy was made also using; tomatoes, spring onions, tomato ketchup and a dash of gravy granules

Here are some of the ingredients

The preparation

The chicken was washed in lemon juice, then the hairs were burnt off the skin. I left the skin on; I feel as though chicken soaks up the marinade better with the skin on. I marinated the drumsticks with the Cajun seasoning and placed in a container with fresh coriander and thyme overnight. The next day I washed, peeled and sliced all the vegetables.

The Cooking Method

  1. I boiled the sweet potato for the recommended time
  2. In the meantime I fried the chicken in the Garlic oil in a Dutch pot. I fried the turkey rashers in a frying pan, followed by the courgettes and plantain using the remaining garlic oil
  3. I boiled the green beans and in a separate Dutch pot I fried the tomatoes and spring onions then added ketchup and a few gravy granules
  4. Once the chicken had finished frying I transferred it into the gravy pot to simmer for a little while
  5. The sweet potato was drained and mashed. I stirred in the Red pepper paste along with the Turkey slices and courgettes
  6. I garnished the potato mash with feta cheese

Bon Appetite!

*I forgot to add the feta cheese before taking the photo! Excuse the overcooked plantain slice, it still tasted good!


My simply cook box lived up to its name, it was all pretty simple! It did take a little longer to make due to all the ingredients I added/replaced. The turkey slices I bought worked surprisingly well. The mash was my favourite, it tasted like heaven! I woke up thinking about mashed potato! I underestimated how much each little pot could hold, I’m impressed!

Overall it was simply Devine! My brother sent his compliments to the chef, so it’s fair to say this one is a winner! Until next time Simply Cook!

Tell a friend to tell a friend about Simply Cook! Simplycook.com

What’s In The Bucket?

A few months ago I started writing a list of 25 things I wanted to do by the time I turned 25. Before I knew it the list was spiraling out of control and I soon realised I was heading towards the 50 mark. I came across bucket lists whilst visiting other blogs recently and I decided to make use of the idea on my blog.


So what’s in the bucket? New adventures, possible ventures, treasures, pleasures and maybe some endeavors!

Here you can find my bucket list: http://livingwithnoexcuses.com/my-bucket-list/

Live with no excuses,



Surprise Surprise! (Simply Cook)

To my surprise this box was waiting for me on my dining table when I arrived home. I am such an eager beaver when I receive packages, I feel like it’s my birthday whilst opening them as I try to contain my excitement. I know you’re probably thinking “What’s the big deal? You just ordered fast food!” Bare with me I will explain!

This isn’t just any box!


I came across Simply Cook boxes on Twitter; I logged onto their website to read about the company, how it works and then I placed my order. Simply Cook boxes contain 4 recipe cards and 4 pots of ingredients for each recipe. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions, add the fresh foods and voilà dinner is ready!

Take a peak inside the mysterious Simply Cook box!



The recipe cards include a detachable shopping list, so you can simply tear them off and shop for the remaining ingredients. The recipes are great for those who want a quick fix; the meals are ready in no more than 20 minutes and serve 1-3 people. Simply Cook boxes are £10 each plus P&P, however my first box was 99p once I used the promotional code provided.

In my household we pretty much have the same meals rotated every other week. I enjoy the food we eat, but we have all agreed that we need to try new dishes. I’m not a fan of pacing up and down supermarkets for hours looking for specific ingredients, so this is ideal!

Look how cute these little pots are!



Overall the Simply Cook box concept is very inventive and I am looking forward to trying the dishes. There is a use by date printed on each pot, so I can take my time experimenting. I have my eye on the Cajun Chicken recipe and it may end up being my birthday meal!

Check out their website simplycook.com

7 Tips For Living The Single Life

I’m in one of those long distance relationships where my boyfriend lives in the future. Right now he may be thinking about what he is having for dinner or whether or not he should go to the gym…Whilst I’m here writing about how much I don’t know about him, since I don’t know who he is yet! Are you in the same boat as me? Don’t stress!

1. Good things comes to those who wait
To an extent, if you are sitting at home waiting for the postman to deliver your new spouse, you may be left disappointed. If only it were that easy! Get out and mingle with people or use the internet if need be, you can meet people practically anywhere. As long as you are in the game, who knows who may come your way!

2. Spend time getting to know you
Me time is essential! Its okay to enjoy your own company and you may even find it useful when you get into a relationship. When you and your partner spend time apart at least you won’t be a lost chicken wondering what to do with yourself.

3.  The time isn’t right
Before you start running through all the imaginary faults you have, stop right there…thank you very much! There is nothing wrong with you, there is someone for everyone and your time will come!

4. Don’t be too picky
It’s okay to have a preference, but there is a thin line between being picky and having a preference. If you wait around for the perfect guy/girl who ticks every single box, your grandkids will probably be in a relationship before you (Ok…you get my point!).

5.  You never meet anyone
Really? Please tell me more…Let’s be honest, you do encounter people that are attracted to you. Some show interest and then they end up in the friendzone. One day you might look back and wonder how such a nice girl/guy ended up in the friendzone. You put them there! Were you waiting for some other lucky bugger to scoop them up? Make sure you don’t make the same mistake again! Remember the guy/girl that said hello to you a few days ago, you walked right past them and you didn’t even give them the time of day! Think very hard before you claim you never meet anyone!

6. Smile!
You never know who’s watching! If you look across the room and see someone frowning would you really want to approach them? Have you ever heard someone say “It was their frown that attracted me to them”… No! NO! No! Smiles are so inviting and we automatically feel the need to go over and talk to the person. It’s only right we practice our smiling exercises daily and smile more!

7. Have fun!
Always remember to enjoy the present moment  🙂



*Disclaimer* These tips are based on my own opinions and experiences.

New Day, New Domain Name!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Living With No Excuses!

I have been contemplating renaming my blog since I started my blogging journey back in April. I have been sleeping on the name ‘Living With No Excuses’ for over a month and a  few days ago I finally did…I bought my own domain name!! *dances* I now feel as though everything on my blog from now on wards will fall into place. I will let you know the reason for the name change in due time.

My header is a working progress, it looks exactly how I wanted it to look, but as usual I now want to redesign it. Please let me know your thoughts.

So farewell “Being Chelle”, it was fun while it lasted!


I hope you are all well!



The Great Escape Part 2

Part 1: http://wp.me/p4xLH1-p7

I remained calm and collected as I defended myself. I was being attacked for minor errors, errors I had rectified once they had been addressed and errors that hadn’t even endured. I am open to constructive criticism, however this was something completely different. I felt like I was an outsider looking in; the interpretation of my performance did not match the reality of the situation.

The learning curve I was promised became a myth. I was never given any legitimate guidance or feedback and all the contributions I had made were not recognized. I had supposedly isolated myself in a corner from the start, I was looked in the eye and told I was welcomed with open arms and I wasn’t. The only welcome I received was from the cold air hitting me when I first entered the room. It was probably a warning for what was to come!


I made a conscious effort to greet everyone each day and it was often one sided, but I still continued to do so. The friendly environment I expected only emerged when outsiders were present. After all the probing, I was the one that allegedly had the problem. I had to escape!

The journey home that day was a blur. I was lost in my thoughts, it was as if I was on an empty train. The sequence of events that had taken place felt so unreal. I thought why me? Day one started to make sense, there were empty desks for a reason. I clearly wasn’t the only one that had been put through this ordeal.


There was only one other in the same boat as me; the last man standing. I watched as he had his confidence knocked each day. He quickly picked himself up and kept going. In any other situation I would say good on him, but if you were in my shoes you would wonder why he didn’t run with me.

I call this experience ‘The Great Escape’. I wish I could retract this whole chapter- The lesson learned here is to always follow my instincts! I knew something was wrong from the start, but I tried to convince myself otherwise.