My Boat Party Experience

I’m happy to say I can cross a mission off my Bucket List!

I imagined my boat party experience to be out of this world and nothing like I have ever experienced before. I mentioned the boat party a few months back and the reactions I received lead me to believe it would be exciting.

I arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning; I would love to say this is due to having so much fun. I was really looking forward to my Saturday evening, however it didn’t live up to my expectations.

I was psyched about spending quality time with my old school friends. However due to unforeseen circumstances, two of my friends were unable to make it and the first part of the evening was spent pining for our dear friends arrival.

If I had been given a heads up I would have carried a book, a game or even a pair of moon boots! I didn’t expect to be clock watching and deprived of food for 5 hours. Thank you to Lolly the bar attender for sneaking us two small packets of biscuits to keep us going. They surprisingly gave us a little life and this was sadly the highlight of the evening!

In a nutshell, I felt like I had been kidnapped by pirates! My best friend and I were the first people off the boat and we ran off whilst screaming ‘Freedom’ at the top of our lungs. The good news is I will be going to another boat party later on in the year! I have a feeling this one will be 100 times better!


~These are a few snaps taken using an ordinary camera phone.

What’s In The Bucket?

A few months ago I started writing a list of 25 things I wanted to do by the time I turned 25. Before I knew it the list was spiraling out of control and I soon realised I was heading towards the 50 mark. I came across bucket lists whilst visiting other blogs recently and I decided to make use of the idea on my blog.


So what’s in the bucket? New adventures, possible ventures, treasures, pleasures and maybe some endeavors!

Here you can find my bucket list:

Live with no excuses,



7 Toys And Games From My Childhood

A few nights ago I started to reminisce about my childhood. Here are 7 of the ‘toys’ that made my childhood enjoyable.

1. Pogs

I am so lucky these were free in Walkers crisp packets. I know for a fact my mum wouldn’t have let me buy these, never in a million years! She just didn’t understand! I adored the cartoon images on them! I can vaguely remember the ridged edges; the Tazo logo on the back and cartoon characters plastered on the front. Come on all your favourite cartoon characters in a crisp packet; it didn’t get better than that! Andddd you could flick, flick, flick them all over the place! Memoriesss!


2. Yoyo’s

I can do that trick. You know the one where you sort of throw the yoyo towards the floor; then it stalls for a while, then you tease it a little so it meets with your hand again. Ha. I saved long and hard for a yoyo. I walked to the corner shop with a pocket full of pennies (literally)! The shopkeeper didn’t even bother to count all that change and I don’t blame him! It wasn’t your average plastic yoyo, it was supersonic and it even had a light! You know which one I’m on about! I wonder if I have any more tricks up my sleeve…

3. Alien Pods

Ohhh my god! I wanted one of these so badly! I’m pretty sure I was the last person in my year group to have one. I will never forget seeing these weird looking ugly things that looked like they were made out of some sort of sticky jelly substance, sitting in pod covered in slimy goo. Did you guys hear the rumour about the aliens being able to reproduce? Yup, I too fell for it! I’m still here waiting for it happen.

4. Tamagotchi’s

I didn’t have any pets growing up until I owned a Tamagotchi! My own little virtual pet I could take to school with me and keep in my pocket! I felt bad for neglecting it during school hours though! It was so much fun gathering in the playground with my friends showing off our pets… Until it died.. Or the battery died! Times have changed! I am seeing Tamagotchis for £24.99 right now! Yes, you read the price right! I’m pretty sure I could have brought 2 and maybe a half with that money in my days!


5. Pokemon cards

It was hard to miss the sudden craze at school! I didn’t take the time to get the gist of trading Pokemon cards. I watched the cartoon on TV a few times.  I knew I had to get my hands on my own stack one way or another! Pikachoo I’m coming for you! *ninja fly kicks the air*. My dad brought me one pack of Pokemon cards and I ended up with over 100 just like that! Kids at school would give away their unwanted cards and I guess I collected them. I remember the shiny cards being classed as ‘precious’ must-haves for some unknown reason. I wonder if I can sell them on eBay and make a killing. I kid.


6. Lucky bags

I recall the yellow lucky bags with the turtle Mr “Dick Turtle” poised on the front; he had this teenage mutant ninja turtles thing going on. They were filled with a whole lot of “lucky air”; a couple of sweeties, a piece of paper (a puzzle of some sort), a few miscellaneous toys and did I mention the lucky air? As a kid it was like a mini Christmas anticipating what treats were inside.



Who doesn’t love Lego? If you don’t love Lego.. Why don’t you love Lego? I have never actually owned Lego *shock horror*. I played with it at school and at my after school club though. I was one of those girls that had dolls galore; Barbie, Cindy, Baby born and tiny tears. No Lego touched my toy box unfortunately. Luckily I was blessed with a little brother! It took a little persuading, but I managed to get him to ask “Santa” for Lego and the fun begun! We made cars, houses, spaceships and more! Every creation was possible with Lego!


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